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Also, I don't even know what to tag this... they're all so excellent...

People's Choice Awards

Hey everyone,

Let's all vote for Zach and Chris for "Favorite Movie Duo"!

Hopefully, if they make it to the winners list they'll both attend the award ceremony.

We could all use a Pinto sighting I think.

Looking for a fic

Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me find a fic. It's where Zach and Chris are daring each other during STID, Zach dares Chris to wear a remote controlled butt plug and Chris dares Zach to give him and blow job? Thanks for any help.


The Fourth Wall

So I'm sure a lot of people know this by now. Recently at the FanExpo in Canada, someone asked Zach what he thought of people in the fandom shipping him with Chris.

I just want to say that questions like that are NOT okay. It's one thing to be part of the fandom, to dabble in Pinto!Land, to tinhat, but it is an entirely different matter to tell/talk about it to the actor himself. What we do in communities like this one should stay within the community.

I think people in fandoms, especially the RPF fandoms, have a responsibility to the actors to respect their privacy and keep fantasy separate from reality. It is only fair.

I do want to commend Zach on handling it well though. He was so gracious and nice about it even when it was obvious he was uncomfortable.


Guys, I don't care if no one sees this (and I'm not looking for replies), but I just have to put this out there before I drive myself crazy.

I've been having this insane urge to start writing Pinto fics... I promised myself that I wouldn't when I first joined this ship two years ago, but I'm losing my resolve. Pinto is just killing me these days. I'm afraid if I start writing fics for this ship I'll never stop. Help.


Pinto in Tokyo

OMG, just so happy to see Pinto together again.

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NEWS in Pinto-Land

Chris new look is very Zach-like with the Caro-shirts and the bracelets. Maybee it's true what they said.
In a relationship you're getting similiar about each other.


What we see:
New Bracelets on Chris right wrist.
Both wearing caps.

What we knew:
The two were together seen in NYC in The Box. A Variatee club.
They're so great looking since both were 'openly' new single. And long befor the news went down.
Both flirting hot with each other in the interviews '13 - nothing new - but at this moment some of us were speculating about a break up between Quinto and Groff (I was at least). I just say ...


And then there were sexual looks ...

Zach lipplickin"

And dirty games under the table ...

tumblr_mm7q93dDXr1qb10wfo3_r1_500Wich realy should mean (Stop it or go finally higher!)

And then there was ...


And finally ...


OH WOAH ... No, I mean ... you know ... So ... Let us hope for this and that in Japan ... :-)

Maybe we have finally a little luck in this sweet, sexy dream.


Matching Bracelets?

Picture sources

Saw this on tumblr and had to post it here.


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